AR400 High Wear Impact-Resistant Plate

Specifically designed for abrasion and wear resistance, AR400 steel is a high-carbon alloy steel with a lower hardness of 360 – 444 BHN. The grade for abrasion resistant steel is determined on hardness instead of grain structure. Widely used for high abrasion applications where durability is a critical factor, AR400 is the preferred choice for cladding, flooring, and equipment housings across the industrial landscape. Especially useful for applications where impact and sliding forces are frequent, AR400 is recommended for liners in mining operations, and material handling equipment like dump trucks, material transfer chutes, storage bins, buckets, and hoppers. Some specialized uses include fan blades, wear straps, conveyor liners, teeth caps and others. Metals USA carries a full line of AR400 abrasion resistant steel in a wide range of plate thicknesses.

Yield/Tensile Strength



Tensile Strength, Ultimate

1,241 - 1,378 MPa

180 - 200 ksi 

Tensile Strength, Yield

965 MPa

140 ksi